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One person can make a difference. That belief in the power of the individual has driven HP’s recycling efforts from the beginning, way back in 1987.

Behind every innovation at HP is one basic goal: make life a little simpler. That’s especially true of our recycling program. It means paying attention to the big picture and all the critical details that compose that picture. For instance:

Big picture––minimize our effect on the environment.

Detail––that cartridge you pop into your HP printer.

An amazing breakthrough in cartridges

For years we’ve been able to take used plastic inkjet cartridges, recycle them and transform the plastic from them into a range of everyday new products from auto body parts to shoe soles. Our latest exciting breakthrough has opened up a world of possibilities––we can now take post-consumer plastic products (such as used water bottles and empty HP inkjet cartridges) and recycle them responsibly into brilliant, reliable Original HP cartridges.

That’s a pretty big deal. Think of it––less waste in our process, less reliance on new raw materials and more efficient manufacturing. It’s important to us as a corporation, but critical to us as people, because just like you, we want to protect and nurture our planet.

Recycled materials, Original HP quality

Most HP inkjet cartridges are composed primarily of glass-filled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a highly engineered plastic formulation specifically tested for HP’s inkjet cartridge performance and manufacturing. Achieving the same reliability with recycled PET (RPET) as with virgin plastics was a critical hurdle, so a team of dedicated engineers, chemists and partners made sure all recycled materials performed on par with virgin materials to meet HP’s high performance standards.

It’s working
To date, HP has used enough recycled plastic to fill more than 200 tractor trailers1 and create more than 200 million new HP inkjet cartridges globally.

1Based on a nominal payload of 44,000 pounds.

For the cool details on exactly how we re-engineer recycled plastic into Original HP cartridges, click here.

Good things come in recycled packages

Gone are the days of tossing things into the trash without a second thought. In that spirit, we’ve redesigned our inkjet and toner cartridge packaging to minimize waste and maximize recycling potential. Consider this:

HP’s innovative packaging redesign for its cartridges reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 37 million pounds in 2007. That’s the equivalent of taking 3,600 cars off North American roads for one year.  It’s the kind of thinking we hope you’ve come to expect from us.

Slimming down
Since 2003, HP has reduced overall package weight for inkjet cartridge multi-packs by 80 percent and quadrupled the number of packages that can fit in a single truckload. How does this impact you? More packages per truck means fewer vehicles on the road using less gas and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s free and easy being green

Since 1991, HP Planet Partners return and recycling program has enabled simple, convenient recycling of Original HP inkjet and LaserJet supplies. These products are processed to recover valuable plastics and metals for new products, thereby diverting millions of tons of waste from landfills.

How does it work? Simple. Send us your used inkjet and LaserJet cartridges. Most print cartridge boxes include a pre-addressed, postage-paid label, or you can also order free return shipping materials directly from HP.

Imagine this
Through 2007, we’ve recycled 122 million LaserJet cartridges and 76 million inkjet cartridges. That’s equal to 297 million pounds of recycled material. You can be sure HP never refills, resells or sends print cartridges to a landfill.

Trade, return for cash, recycle or donate

HP’s Planet Partners return and recycling program will also accept any computer hardware from any manufacturer, and those rechargeable batteries that have finally lost their ability to charge.

To find out how to trade in, get cash back for new HP products, recycle or donate your old hardware, visit HP’s product return and recycling site.  You see, we truly believe the world can be a better place. And when good old Mother Earth wins, we all win.

Click here for more information on HP’s environmental work.

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