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The truth about HP ColorSphere toner

How HP brings bold colours, crisp graphics and professional print quality to your fingertips

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People prefer HP ColorSphere

Original HP toner is specifically designed to bring out the best in HP Color LaserJet printers and HP Laser paper. The result? Amazingly vivid colour, professional print quality and legendary HP reliability, page after brilliant page.  
The truth about HP ColorSphere toner

But don't just take our word for it:

Business users preferred HP ColorSphere prints five times more than competitors such as Dell, OKI and Xerox.*

When asked to state their preference for prints produced by various colour toner brands, business users consistently reported that HP delivered the results they were looking for with crisp text, sharp lines, colours that fade gradually into one another and vivid eye-catching colour in business documents and realistic colour in photos.*

Constantly improving

Original HP ColorSphere toner represents over 20 years of HP innovation designed to optimize the colour LaserJet printing experience.

But what does that mean for you? The broadest range of colours yet developed by HP, giving you realistic photos, crisp graphics––all with the HP reliability and quality you’ve trusted for years.

It’s quite simply a revolution in colour laser printing with three outstanding benefits when compared to pre-ColorSphere HP toner:

  • More colours
  • Higher gloss
  • Faster printing

Let’s start at the beginning…

Real life colour doesn’t just happen. Except in real life, of course. To get the big picture, we have to start small––with the toner particle itself. Toner particles that are uniform in their size and shape behave in a very consistent manner.

Original HP ColorSphere toner is more uniform in particle size, size distribution and shape than previous HP colour toner and can be seen in the image below. That means the toner charges faster, enables faster fusing, and maintains its charge throughout the life of the cartridge.

Look what’s happened since 1998:

The evolution from uneven jagged toner particles to the more spherical particles of today.

More Colours

The spherical toner particles we spoke about above make it possible to achieve more colour range and more dynamic colours within that range.

In the laser printing process, HP’s ColorSphere toners are combined in precise amounts to create colours, delivering a 39% wider range of colour than pre-ColorSphere HP colour toner.**

When you take into account the fact that HP already was trusted for its colour toner quality and reliability, you’ll see that these advances have made HP colour LaserJet printing even more vibrant, brilliant and bright.  Learn more about remanufactured toner versus Original HP.

But, what about the printing itself? You’ll notice the difference especially when printing images that have subtle variations in colour such as skin tones, shadows and gradients.

HP Colorsphere toner delivers a range of bright, true colors and sharply defined details for more realistic prints.

Higher Gloss

The difference between low-gloss and high-gloss can be striking. Think of a freshly waxed panel of your car (high light diffuse reflection) and how it delivers a deeper, richer and colour that’s truer to the original.

In the world of printing, the more completely and uniformly colour toner fuses to paper, the higher the gloss. Year after year HP continues to improve the quality delivered by HP ColorSphere Toner.

From 2004 to 2008 HP ColorSphere toner delivers 117% higher gloss**.  And the level of gloss is more uniform across all colours and across the entire printed page. So your glossy photos (and other colourful output) will have a professionally printed look.

From 2004 to 2008 HP ColorSphere toner delivers 117% higher gloss

Faster printing

Original HP ColorSphere toner offers enhanced charge capabilities and faster melting than ever before, resulting in prints ready for immediate handling. Simply put, the faster fusing occurs, the faster the temperature decreases, and the more quality pages you can print per minute. The perfectly sized wax core of the HP ColorSphere toner cartridge is designed to work with HP’s fusing technology for faster printing without sacrificing print quality.

*SpencerLab's "Color Business Document Preference Psychometric Research: Business User Preferences", July 2006. For full details, visit http://www.spencerlab.com and look under recent reports.
** Based on a comparison of images printed with HP Color LaserJet 2550 series (2004) and HP Color LaserJet CP1515 (2008) printed on HP Brochure Paper 160g, glossy. Percentage improvement based on internal testing using a native printer gamut.
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