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Your data, photos and hardware are invaluable, and it's up to you to protect them. We’ll help you learn about the dangers that threaten your PC like viruses, spam and worms. And we’ll walk you through precautionary measures to make your PC more secure.

Articles in this series

General Security and Privacy 101 General Security and Privacy 101

Learn terms and get tips for PC protection.

All about anti-virus software All about anti-virus software

Learn about programs that help keep your PC safe.

Virus protection FAQs Virus protection FAQs

Know what a virus is and what harm it can do.

Protect your PC with firewalls Protect your PC with firewalls

Keep your data safe from hackers.

Prevent spam Prevent spam

Identify, handle and prevent unsolicited e-mails.

Block web ads Block web ads

Avoid unwanted online content.

Keep your desktop pop-up free Keep your desktop pop-up free

Tricks for eliminating distracting pop-ups.

Personal computing security center Personal computing security center

Learn how to stop spyware, adware and virus invasions to your PC.

Family online safety Family online safety

Internet safety—It matters!

FCC small-business security tips FCC small-business security tips

Protect yourself and your data from cyber threats.

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