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How HP can help you plan your home office

Create your ideal home office with the help of HP products and wireless solutions.

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»  Choose the right equipment
»  Find your office profile—and the products to match
»  Tips for working from a home office
»  Other considerations

a home office with HP products


Wondering how you’ll transform that empty guestroom into the efficient home office you’ve always dreamed of? With the right HP products and wireless solutions, you’ll be able to create a space where productivity is practically unavoidable.

Choose the right equipment

A tangle of computer cords and cables.

A laptop sitting on an outdoor table.

A woman using a laptop on her couch.

A woman using her home office printer.

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Most home offices require a few key pieces of equipment, including a printer, scanner, fax, and PC. Your ideal workstation will be a combination of the products that best fit your specific needs.

PCs—Your PC will serve as the centerpiece of your home office, so selecting the right one is an important decision. Start by considering whether you’ll need a notebook or desktop PC. 

  • Notebook PCs: One of the main draws of portable notebook PCs, is that they afford you the mobility to work in different areas of the house. In addition, you’ll have the freedom to take your office on the road, allowing you more opportunities to be productive. 
  • Desktop PCs: If mobility is less of a concern than increased media power or large screens, try one of HP’s desktop PCs—their versatile power will give you the ability to meet both your everyday business and entertainment needs. 
  • Docking solutions: Gain the best of both worlds with docking solutions that will help turn your notebook PC into a more complete workstation. For example, the HP Notebook QuickDock allows you to connect to power, printers, scanners, and the Internet with a single cable­—saving you the trouble of connecting multiple wires to your laptop each time you require those capabilities. Additionally, a docking station adds the convenience of a full-size monitor, mouse, and keyboard whenever you need it.

PRINTERS—If your PC is the foundation of your home office, then your printer is a key building block, and choosing the correct one will affect the work you’ll be able to produce without running around town for your print, copy, or fax needs.

  • All-in-Ones: If you’re trying to streamline your home office and create an environment with fewer pieces of equipment, try a multi-function printer. For example, HP All-in-Ones give you the capabilities of a printer, scanner, copier, and often a fax within a single product. Enjoy the freedom to create professional quality documents and marketing materials from the comfort and convenience of your own desk. 
  • Wireless: To cut down on office clutter and increase your mobility, consider wireless solutions. For instance, if your family needs to share a printer, try keeping a wireless printer in a separate room of the house. You’ll invest in fewer pieces of equipment to keep the whole house printing, and everyone can print from their own computers to avoid disrupting you in your office. 
  • Pro series: HP’s line of professional imaging printers is ideal for those looking to skip high-priced studio space and print professional-quality photographs and graphics from home. For example, the HP Officejet Pro L7590 All-in-One printer provides professional-quality colour, as well as an in-house marketing starter kit—great for a home office that’s also a small business. 
  • Find out more: Also ask yourself if you’ll need an automatic document feeder or the capacity to scan legal-size documents. For more help deciding which printer is best for you, visit the HP Printer buying guide.

Find your office profile—and the products to match

Man working on laptop at airport.

Image of red desk organizing tools and a laptop.

Woman and child working at her desk.

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Check out the following profiles to see which description best matches your home office personality and find product recommendations that are right for you!

The road warrior: You often need to bring your work on the road with you, and appreciate the mobility afforded to you by notebook PCs. Try an HP Pavillion notebook for ultra-portability, and a lightweight home office right at your fingertips. For efficient, on-the-go printing, check out the HP Officejet H470wbt—the world’s fastest[i] mobile printer!

The space saver: You wouldn’t mind a little extra legroom in your office, and are looking for ways to make the most of what you do have. One of HP’s All-in-One printers, such as the HP Officejet Pro L7590, can help you maximize your space while offering various capabilities within one product. You can also save some square footage by using your All-in-One printer to scan documents that may be taking up valuable space and recycling the excess papers once you’re done.

The work-from-home-parent: For you, workdays are comprised of juggling the responsibilities in the office with those of parenting. Luckily, products such as notebook PCs allow you to stay productive while staying mobile—perfect for when you need to watch the kids and meet a deadline. Wireless printing also offers a few great solutions to help you organize your time. For example, if you find that your children often need to share your printer, setting up a wireless printing network will allow family members to print from their own computers and retrieve printouts in another room—a great way to cut down on office interruptions. Checkout the article,

Get connected to learn more about creating a wireless printing network within your home [i] Based on published manufacturer specifications of the highest rated speeds available for A4 mobile printers under $500 as of July 2007. Test methods vary. HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer series fastest black speed based on HP 98 cartridge only.

Tips for working from a home office

Image of laptop at a coffee shop.

Woman changing her printer’s ink.

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Distractions are a major roadblock in achieving productivity at home. Try these tips for staying focused:

Make a schedule: Create “office hours” for yourself in order to establish a regular schedule and reduce sudden drop-ins or long phone calls from chatty friends.

Change your scenery: If you have a notebook PC, get a breath of fresh air by stepping away to work from a coffee shop for awhile. Many now offer free Wi-Fi, so if you’re wireless-enabled, you don’t have to be tethered to your desk while finishing up that project or report.

Set the timer: For those who can’t refrain from indulging in some of the perks of an office at home—such as taking a break to check the half-time score or enjoying a short nap—set a timer or your cell phone alarm to make sure you’re not stepping away for too long.

Keep your momentum: Having plenty of supplies on hand, such as ink, toner, and paper, will help you avoid having to stop in the middle of an important project. Also, arm yourself with eye-catching marketing materials that you can make at home. Discover how HP’s free Business templates & images can help you create personalized business cards, letterhead, labels, and envelopes.

Clean your space: Spend the last few minutes of your workday tidying up your office. Not only will you have an organized area to help jumpstart the next day, you’ll be less distracted by the clutter amassing within your workspace. 

Other considerations

Man and his son at a desk.

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Family: It’s important to keep your family in mind when planning your home office. Ask yourself whether you’ll need your office in an area of the house where you can stay within ear or eyeshot of children. Also, think about whether or not your office will need to accommodate young children at any point during your workday. Take a look at Working efficiently when the kids are home for more tips and ideas on integrating your home life with your home office.

Comfort: Certain habits developed while in front of the computer can actually affect your health. Checkout HP’s guide to Practical ergonomics for information on the correct posture, computer configuration, lighting, and more.

With a little prioritizing, organization, and help from Everyday Printing's buying guides to find the products that work for you, you can create a home office that yields productivity as well as comfort.

[1] Based on published manufacturer specifications of the highest rated speeds available for A4 mobile printers under $500 as of July 2007. Test methods vary. HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer series fastest black speed based on HP 98 cartridge only.

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