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Many HP Deskjet printers feature HP PhotoREt IV, a revolutionary photo resolution enhancement technology. Building on the foundation of HP's existing color-layering technology, HP PhotoREt IV is able to deliver vivid, true-to-life photos. Keep reading to learn how HP innovations can make your digital photos better than ever.

1.2 million colors
Printers equipped with HP PhotoREt IV technology feature two separate ink cartridges. The first tricolor cartridge contains full dye-load inks in cyan, magenta, and yellow, developed specifically to produce vibrant color. The second cartridge contains light dye-load inks of light cyan and light magenta, as well as a specially formulated dye-based black ink.

The addition of the lighter inks dramatically increases the range of available colors, while the black is richer, deeper, and glossier than the usual black that is produced by a composite of colored inks. This means you'll get finer details and a wider range of colors.

With advancements in its multidrop color layering process, HP PhotoREt IV controls the placement of those six inks more precisely than before. Each dot is capable of receiving up to 32 minuscule drops of color, each one precisely positioned to achieve smoother gradations in tone and to virtually eliminate any grain in the printed image.

HP PhotoREt IV can deliver 289 levels of shade for each color (compared with 17 levels in the previous generation) and offers a complete palette in excess of 1.2 million colors.

Imaging technologies
To take advantage of the wide range of colors available from the HP PhotoREt IV printer cartridge, HP has developed advanced color imaging technologies specifically designed for digital photography. Proprietary color maps enable more natural, realistic shades, and with special attention given to light tones and skin tones, the results are more accurate photographic prints.

HP's halftoning algorithms intelligently distribute all the available different ink layer combinations, enabling HP PhotoREt IV printers to create smooth, continuous tone transitions between the different layers of ink on the page for fine image detail.

Conventionally the quality of a printed image is determined by its resolution (measured in dots per inch or dpi), but HP PhotoREt IV technology enables you to print images with finer detail at lower resolutions than other printers. This means that you can print faster (and with less processing power) because less information needs to be sent to the printer.

High resolutions and increased dots of ink can also result in wet paper, fuzzy lines, and color bleeds. By printing more levels of color on each dot to create accurate colors with fewer dots per inch, HP's proprietary approach leads to crisper colors and faster printing times.

Of course, the finest photo in the world is almost worthless if it fades in a few years. That's why HP PhotoREt IV printers feature inks specially designed to resist fading over time, especially when used with HP photographic papers. With pictures this great, you'll want to be sure they last. Read more about HP’s innovative printing supplies in Ink and Toner basics.

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