Use HP Cloud Drive to access files anywhere you have Internet

Easy access to all your files


Put your digital files in one place—the HP Cloud Drive1—for easy access anywhere you have Internet connection.1 Use your HP Mini or even someone else’s PC to quickly get to your files.

Product demo

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Smart on-the-go storage is in the “cloud.”

Simply connect to the Internet and your files are waiting. The cloud acts as your digital filing cabinet, following you everywhere without filling up your HP Mini’s memory.

  • What is a cloud drive? A cloud drive is storage on a server that you can access online to upload your files from your PC.
  • Connect to your content Easily access your content from anywhere in the world, via the Internet.1 You don’t even need your computer! You can access your files from any Internet-enabled computer with HP Cloud Drive.
  • No copying files from PC to PC Do you have a lot of digital media or are you always on the road? It’s good to know HP Cloud Drive has your files stored in one convenient place, saving storage space on your HP Mini.
  • Less to sync
    You choose how much you want to store online with HP Cloud Drive. Once you upload your files, you have access to everything. No more files left behind—it’s all in the cloud.
  1. 1. Internet access is required and not included.