HP Link-5 USB Receiver Technology

Link up to five compatible wireless devices from one receiver

HP Link-5 USB Receiver Technology


If you travel a lot with your notebook PC or just can’t stand clutter, HP has a simple solution for connecting your wireless devices. HP Link-5 technology lets you link up to five compatible HP wireless mice or keyboards with just one USB micro receiver. Pair your devices once and they’ll be ready whenever and wherever you are.

Product demo

HP Link-5 technology demo

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One small receiver for multiple devices

  • Convenient – Use multiple wireless devices without having to juggle and keep track of individual receivers.
  • Flexible – Enjoy the freedom to work in multiple locations. Keep a keyboard and mouse at the office and another set at home, and connect them all to your PC with just one USB receiver.
  • No software needed – Simply press the connect button and start using your accessory within seconds.
  • Space saving – The single central receiver for up to five wireless devices means you have more USB ports free on your PC for other devices.
  • Portable – The HP Link-5 receiver is so small, you can leave it plugged into your notebook PC when you travel, or store it safely inside your Link-5 accessory.
  • Reliable – Get a fast, reliable connection with 2.4 GHz wireless technology.
  • Long battery life – Intelligent sleep mode helps preserve battery life, and when your batteries do run low, an LED status light will alert you.

HP Link-5 Products

Ready to simplify your wireless devices? Check out the variety of HP Link-5 wireless mice and keyboards.