HP MyRoom User Guide

Using your webcam with HP MyRoom software

HP MyRoom User Guide


Whether you want to video chat with a loved one or share what's on your desktop live with friends, HP MyRoom software help you stay connected1. Learn how easy HP MyRoom is to use for video calling, Voice Over IP (VoIP), IM chat and two-way screen sharing.

How does HP MyRoom work?

HP MyRoom software is built on HP Virtual Rooms technology to provide free and easy real-time communication and screen sharing. You just need a webcam, Internet connection and the free HP MyRoom software on your PC.

Voice chat

If you're having a bad hair day or don't need to video chat, you can still use voice chat to talk for free. Just turn on your microphones in HP MyRoom, and your contact and you can carry on a conversation without worrying about racking up minutes.
HP MyRoom: Voice chat microphone

HP's MyRoom software makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family by letting you share video, IMs, e-mail and voice messaging all from one place. Get started with HP MyRoom today.
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  1. 1 Internet access is required and sold separately.