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DVDs- frequently asked questions



Read below for answers to some of your frequently asked questions about your DVDs.

What does it mean to "write" a DVD?

Writing refers to the transfer of information (such as video footage) onto a DVD.

Can I record onto a DVD more than once?

Yes! If you choose DVD+RW (rewritable) media, you can add to and record over your DVDs. DVD+RW is a rewritable format that provides full, non-cartridge compatibility with existing DVD-Video players and DVD-ROM drives for both real-time video recording and random data recording across PC and entertainment applications. Find out more about DVD media.

How can I make sure that nobody records over the DVDs that I make?

You have a variety of options when it comes to DVD media. If you choose DVD-R media, your DVDs cannot be recorded over. DVD-R offers a write-once, read-many storage format akin to CD-R and is used to master DVD-Video and DVD-ROM discs, and used for data archival and storage applications.

What is the difference between regular DVD and double-layer DVD?

Regular DVD media has a storage capacity of 4.7GB. The innovative double-layer DVD can hold up to 8.5GB, providing an additional two to five hours of video storage. It works by burning a second layer behind the initial single layer; however, a double-layer DVD writer is required to take advantage of the 8.5GB of storage. Many HP Media Center PCs have a built-in double-layer DVD writer.

How much video will fit onto a DVD?

The amount of video a DVD+RW or DVD+R disc can hold depends on the quality at which you record. For optimal video and audio quality, choose 60 minutes. For very good quality, choose 120 minutes. And for good quality, select 180 minutes. Figures for duration are based on standard single-layer DVD media. With the new double-layer DVD media, however, you can add up to five more hours of video storage.

How long will my DVDs last?

DVD lifespan varies by manufacturer, but the current range is from 30 to 100 years.

What do I need to edit digital video?

You'll need:

A computer with enough memory to manage the hardware and software applications, such as the HP Media Center PC.

A digital editing software program such as ArcSoft ShowBiz 2, which comes with select HP DVD writers and HP Media Center PCs.

Can I extract pictures from my video using ArcSoft ShowBiz 2?

Yes. To capture a still picture from video, go to your software's edit screen. Drag and drop the video containing the frame that you want to extract into the storyboard. In the preview window, move the slide bar to the frame to extract. To print the image, click on the printer icon. To save the image, click on the camera icon; a Save As screen will appear. Next, name your file, select the format and file size, and click Save.
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