Create a slideshow with photos and music

Create a slideshow with photos and music


Give those digital images sitting on your hard drive or storage media new life in an artful presentation that friends and loved ones will delight in: a musical slide show. It is a quick and easy way to showcase vacation or family photos—and it takes only a few minutes to create.

What you’ll need

What you'll need to create a photo slideshow

  • Imaging software included with your HP PC (i.e. HP Photosmart Essentials, ImageZone, Microsoft® Windows® Movie Maker)

  • Digital photos stored on or imported to your PC hard drive

  • Music stored on or imported to your PC hard drive

Create your slide show

1. Open the imaging software and create a new project
2. Import the images you’d like to use (select images from My Pictures folder, CD or wherever you have images stored)
3. Import music from a CD that you’d like to use in your slide show soundtrack
4. Arrange the photos in the order you’d like them to appear
5. Add any titles, special effects or transitions
6. Preview your work
7. Save your slide show (to computer, CD, e-mail, etc.)

Additional software features

Additional software features for photo slideshows

Depending on the video/photo editing software you are using, there may be additional features available to you.

  • Picture effects
  • Decorative graphics
  • Slide transitions
  • Music editing to fit your slide show

View the “Tips” or “Help” section of your editing software to maximize the full potential for your slide shows

Slide show project ideas

Now that you know how simple it is to put slides and sound together, why not create a few more slide shows for family and friends? Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Share vacation or holiday snapshots
  • Make a loving birthday tribute
  • Show a pal “What I did today”
  • Highlight your kid’s sports team achievements for an end-of-season party
  • Compile farewell images for a retiring coworker