Lightscribe glossary


Read on to learn about common words and terms for understanding LightScribe.

Burn - The process of data being written or a label being laser-etched to disc.

Direct disc labeling - Method used by LightScribe in which a LightScribe disc is placed inside a LightScribe-enabled optical disc drive and a label is laser-etched onto the disc.

Embedded technology - A built-in feature of the PC or disc drive. LightScribe technology is also built into CDs and DVDs on the label side.

Hub - The clear center around the hole of a CD or DVD. LightScribe discs have a logo inscribed on their hubs.

Monochrome labeling - Grayscale (non-color) labeling.

Optical disc drive (ODD) - A drive that accepts optical discs, which have high storage capacity and are written to using laser technology. Examples of optical discs are recordable and rewritable CDs and DVDs.

Radial writing - Circular data or label burning.

Scribe time - The amount of time it takes to burn a LightScribe label onto a disc.

Write - See Burn.