Configure HP PCs

Make it your own

Configure HP PCs


When purchasing a new PC there are several ways to shop. But customizing your own PC is the best way to get the features you need and leave out the ones you don’t. You also get to choose the performance level of components, from basic to high-end, so you can customize according to your budget.

Get your PC your way

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HP makes it simple to customize a new PC. When you configure a new PC you can customize features like:

  • Processor—Improve PC efficiency with faster speeds, measured in GHz.
  • RAM—Use more programs at once without slowing down by adding more GB.
  • Hard drive—Store more programs, digital media and files with larger storage capacity.
  • Graphics card—Enjoy better screen images for gaming or your favorite applications.
  • Wireless options—Connect to the Internet, e-mail or other devices the way you want.
  • Accessories—Improve your PC experience with supporting hardware and software.
  • HP Care Pack Services—Protect your PC investment with a plan that suits your needs.

Start off right

Get your PC your way: Start off right

To customize a PC, you’ll start with a base or recommended configuration and a step-by-step configuration process to modify its components. If you’re on a budget, configuring helps you cut back in some areas so you can splurge in others. For example, if speed isn’t a concern but storage is, save with an entry-level processor but indulge on the largest hard drive.

Click your pick

Get your PC your way: Click your pick

Every menu has an image on the left side plus the benefits of that feature. Your options and prices appear in the middle of the page. Click on the item you want and see the difference in price appear in “Your running total” on the right side of the page. This live pricing helps you stay within your budget.


Get your PC your way: Accessories

Personalize with HP accessories that offer comfort, convenience and improve efficiency.

  • Mice and keyboards—Clear the clutter and work with wireless convenience.
  • Carrying cases—Transport your laptop in comfort and safety.
  • Batteries and AC adapters—Keep your laptop powered so it’s ready when you are.
  • Storage devices—Back up important documents or add more storage space for your digital media.
  • Installation services—Get professional in-home help installing and setting up your desktop or laptop.


Get your PC your way: Monitors

When configuring a desktop, choose a monitor to complete your PC package. Laptop builders will find monitor choices in the accessories section. An extra monitor is perfect for a home docking solution. Or utilize your laptop’s split-screen technology by adding a monitor to see more and get more done.

Check your list

Get your PC your way: Check your list

Review your selections on the summary page by clicking the “Review & Buy” tab. You can easily go back and edit or add features. Then add the PC to your cart and place your order!

In a hurry?

Get your PC your way: Quick-ship model

If you can’t wait, choose a quick-ship model. These PCs are built with some of the most popular options giving you good value with plenty of features. Click on a quick-ship model to view the specs. If they meet your needs, put it in your cart and get it fast.

Benefits for both

No matter which way you go—quick-ship or customized—you get a great, reliable HP PC at a great price. Keep these benefits in mind when it’s time for your new HP PC.

Customized PC vs. Quick-ship PC comparison