Set your mouse free from wires and receivers

Set your mouse free from wires and receivers


Enjoy the freedom of a wireless mouse, without taking up a USB port, thanks to the HP Wi-Fi® Mobile Mouse.

Ultimate mobile experience

The ultimate mobile experience means freedom from wires and external USB receivers. The HP Wi-Fi® Mobile Mouse gives you just that—a strong wireless connection and a comfortable, compact design. There’s no need for an external receiver and no wire entangling your mouse in a trap. Despite the “Wi-Fi®” name, you don’t need a router or Internet connection for it to work.

The 2.4 GHz HP Wi-Fi® Mobile Mouse connects to a built-in Wi-Fi® receiver on computers running Windows® 7.1

Improve your mobile experience:

  • Keep valuable USB ports open
  • No extra parts to lose or break
  • Use on your PCs—laptop, desktop and netbook—at work and home1
  • Small, comfortable design for easy use and portability
  • Up to 9 months of battery life—more than twice of comparable Bluetooth models
  • Use on nearly any surface with adjustable laser sensor (1200 CPI default, 1600 CPI max)
  • Use up to 30 feet from your PC
  • Easily fits in your hand and carrying case

  1. 1 Compatible with almost all Microsoft® Windows® 7 certified computers. 2Expected battery life of HP Wi-Fi® Mobile Mouse is based on internal tests using industry-accepted standards for calculating average battery life.