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Keep all your files up to date, instantly accessible and shareable across your devices1—wherever you go. HP Mini netbooks now come preinstalled with HP QuickSync software powered by Syncables™ to give you a quick and easy way to sync your photos, music, videos, documents, e-mail and more from your digital devices.1

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Quickly get in sync

Bring harmony to your digital life by managing your files and media from multiple devices.1 With HP QuickSync, you’ll no longer need to worry whether you grabbed the latest version of a document because you can automatically sync, migrate, access and publish content between your main PC, HP Mini or other syncable devices on the same network.1

Quickly get in sync
  • Get started right away—HP QuickSync is preinstalled on HP Mini netbooks along with a copy of the software, so you can install it on your main PC or another device and get syncing in a few simple steps. To install the software on more than two devices, you’ll need to purchase additional software licenses for each subsequent device you’d like to sync.
  • Automatically sync content—Save time by easily setting up HP QuickSync to update your syncable devices anytime new content is added.
  • Sync with a variety of devices—Sync your media with devices on the same network including your main PC, HP Mini netbook, external hard drive, flash drive or Windows mobile phone.1
  • Get peace of mind—Feel confident knowing your content is up-to-date and you can access it from multiple devices1 everywhere you need to.
  • Work now, sync later—Create or update content on the go and sync back to your main PC wirelessly2 when you get home.

Simplify content management

Gone are the days when you had to have your laptop with you to show off your vacation photos. Now, just grab your synced netbook and start the show. With HP QuickSync, you can set up your devices to sync new content automatically, then access it where and when you need it.

  • Sync files and documents—Files and documents can be synced to multiple computers on a network, so you can be sure you’re working off the latest file.
  • Sync e-mail and contacts—Sync your e-mail and contacts from Outlook, Winmail, Thunderbird and other e-mail clients to easily manage all your communications right from your synced HP Mini or mobile phone. 2
  • Sync bookmarks—Take your bookmarked favorites from Internet Explorer and Firefox with you by syncing them when you’re on another PC.2

With the help of HP QuickSync on your HP Mini netbook, it’s easy to keep your digital life in sync no matter where you go.

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  • 1 To use HP QuickSync, each device must have HP QuickSync software installed and all devices need to be on the same network.
  • 2 Internet access is required and sold separately.