Put your finger on touch technology: Get in touch

Put your finger on touch technology


There’s been a lot of buzz about HP TouchSmart PCs. And with any exciting, new technology comes questions. How does it work? What can I do with it? Is it right for me? Well, now is the time to get in touch with all the answers, and see what makes the HP TouchSmart PCs one of the most unique computing experiences around.

Product demo

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Get in touch with your technology

Ever notice a disconnect between your mouse and that little arrow on the screen? Well, skip the middleman with HP TouchSmart PCs. Just touch the screen to feel the fun and have a more visually pleasing computing experience.

All the right moves

  • Tap objects to select them and double tap to open programs.
  • Flick your finger within menus to “scroll” left or right, up or down, through selections such as music albums and photos.
  • Drag objects on the display by pressing, holding and sliding them to your desired location.
  • Arc objects in a sweeping motion, like dragging, to comfortably move them.

Understand the technology behind the touch

The ability to have your digital life at your fingertips is the result of HP’s 25 years of experience in touch technology. The specialized HP TouchSmart Software Suite was designed to be interactive to touch as opposed to programs that are designed to be used with a keyboard and mouse. Optical-touch technology works with the lightest touch, allowing HP TouchSmart PCs to register a touch just before the finger hits the screen. This means there are no surface films or coatings on the screen.

  1. 1 Internet access is required and not included.