Top 10 things to do with LightScribe

Top 10 things to do with LightScribe


No more markers! Use the gray-scale images of Lightscribe to take your creativity and individuality one step further when labeling your CDs and DVDs.

Collect family memories

Collect family memories

You have years of family history scattered all over the place: VHS tapes, Super 8 film, photos, and audio cassettes. Collect them in one convenient location: a DVD. Once you've transferred everything to disc, use a frame from your footage to burn a distinctive label.

Transfer LPs and audio cassettes to disc

Not all albums are available on CD—like-out-of-print vinyl—and who knows if they will be. Preserve your prized vinyl and tape collection digitally and place scans of album covers on disc labels.

Produce promotional and demo discs for your business

Produce promotional and demo discs

CDs and DVDs are convenient marketing tools that can help take your business to the next level.

Once you have your demo, samples, or other materials burned to disc, use LightScribe to create professional labels with your company logo and contact information.

Burn announcements for important occasions

Film a tour of your new home, capture footage of your new baby, or create a photo slideshow of a graduation. Once burned to disc, carry your announcement’s theme over to your personalized LightScribe label and mail to friends and family.

Give customized music CDs as party favors

If you’re hosting a party, create a disc of the music you’ll play at your get-together and share it as a party favor. Or send a disc of party photos to guests after your gathering.

Create CDs using Sonic RecordNow

Compile sports highlights and bloopers

Edit the video footage from your team’s games into short films. Many HP PCs come with muvee auto- Producer video-editing software, which makes creating films easy. Burn disc copies with a team photo on the label and give them as keepsakes at the end of the season.

Using muvee autoProducer

Send a video message to loved ones

Update faraway friends and family on the latest happenings in your life by sending photos and home movies on disc. Burn a recent picture of yourself for a personalized disc label.

Create a presentation for class

Use LightScribe to create a polished presentation for class assignments and term papers. Burn your spreadsheets, diagrams, and other files to disc, then create a smart-looking label with a graphic of your subject.

Getting started with LightScribe

Share your résumé and portfolio on disc

Stand out from other candidates: Use a personal or industry-related image on a disc containing your professional credentials and work samples. Don’t forget to add your name, occupation, and contact info to the label.

Make a nostalgic birthday greeting

Gather family stories and songs, news footage, and other timely tidbits from the year someone was born and then burn them to disc. Use a picture of the birthday guy or gal on the label, along with a personalized message.

Create customized CDs and DVDs