Transfer photos to your PC: Options

Transfer photos to your PC


Chances are you have either a digital camera, a cell phone with a built-in camera or both. Digital cameras are great for capturing the moment. Cell phone cameras come in handy when you want to snap spontaneous pictures and your digital camera isn’t handy. And you probably have a growing number of great photos on your camera and phone that you want to share, print and enjoy. How do you do it?

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The good news is you have options. You can transfer photos from your camera and cell phone to your PC via:

  • Bluetooth®

  • Memory card

  • E-mail

  • USB cable

  • Camera dock

Depending on your camera, phone and PC features, you may or may not have all these choices.

  1. 1 Please note, depending on your plan, there may be additional charges from your cell phone service provider for this option