Windows® 7 Tip 2: Get Faster Help Desk Answers

Windows® 7 Tip 2: Get Faster Help Desk Answers

The Problem Steps Recorder built into the Windows® 7 operating system is an advanced screen-capture tool that allows you to easily record the problems you’re having step-by-step with visual screenshots. To access the program, go to the start menu and type “PSR” in the search box, then click to launch. You can also go to the control panel and search “PSR” and click “Record steps to reproduce a problem”.

How it works

Windows® 7 Tip 2: How it works

The program automatically records and documents screenshots, clicks and any error messages for each of your actions where the problem occurs. An HTML-based file converts your notes to a .ZIP folder, that can easily be e-mailed to the help desk.

Get answers

The visual and written notes captured by the Problem Steps Recorder tool give the help desk representative a clear description of the issue, so it can be diagnosed quickly—and you get back up to speed fast.

Use as a tutorial

The tool can also be used in reverse as a tutorial. If there’s something the help desk representative wants to show you, he or she can walk you through the steps by recording the actions and sharing them as you follow along.